Give Me Liberty Chapter 13 Notes Essay

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Chapter 13: A House Divided (1840-1861)
Thomas Crawford designed the capitol building with lady liberty on top.
This was an issue for many ppl: showed how nearly everything was in question now.
Fruits of Manifest Destiny
Continental Expansion
Ppl started moving west
The Mormons’ Trek
Went to modern-day Utah: founded by Joseph Smith (polygamy)
National boundaries meant little to those who moved West
The Mexican Frontier: New Mexico and California
Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1821, issue of slavery arose.
Mexico could now trade w/ the US!
Californios - Mexican cattle ranchers
By 1840, it was already linked commercially w/ the US
The Texas Revolt
Mexican gov, in order to develop the region, accepted an
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North had become a complex, integrated economy, w/ eastern industrialists marketing manufactured goods to the commercial farmers of the west
Two areas of industrial production had arisen: One was btwn Boston and Philly and Baltimore, the second was centered on or near the Great Lakes
The Rise and Fall of the Know-Nothings
(Nativism = hostility to immigrants, especially Catholics) They were really called the American Party, but whenever someone asked about them, they just said, “I know nothing”
In the North, the Know-Nothings’ appeal combined Catholic and antislavery sentiment, with the opposition to the sale of liquor often added as well
The Free Labor

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