Essay about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
By: Steig Larsson

The book that I chose to read was, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In the book we learn about social issues that are not only found in Sweden but from all over the world. Through the book the two main characters solve a murder mystery from 40 years ago. While solving the murder mystery, social issues are brought up time and time again. One of major issues that are brought to the reader’s attention is sexual violence that is used towards women. The other issue that is preceded in the book is the image that Lisbeth Salander has of herself. One of the major social issues that are brought up in the book is sexual violence against Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth Salander is the one of the
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She tells him, “That if he ever tries to contact her again or doesn’t sit still, that she will turn the video into the police”. Unwilling Bjurman still tries to put up a fight while she tattoos his chest. Currently the social issue of women being sexually assaulted and violence used against women is a major concern throughout the world. According to Guardian Magazine”Larsson’s view on violence against women is very different from the book”. It really isn’t known if Larsson was a feminist or not. Although it was stated in EW’s Shelf Life, “Stieg Larsson considered himself a feminist.” (Schwartz) In most of his books women and violence were put together. Whether it is relevant for not in Sweden where the author grew up views upon women are very different than they are here in America. Although in the book Larsson, brings attention to the violence women receive on a daily basis due to many underlying issues. Many commercials, T.V. ads and broadcast have been used throughout the years to try and stop violence and sexual assault against women. The second social issue that is brought to the readers’ attention is how Lisbeth Salander is very cautious of her body. By the middle of the book we learn that Salander, “finds her body repulsive, her small breast pathetic and that she doesn’t have much to offer”. (Schwartz) Lersson’s connection to this social issue could be providing women information that not only the pretty and beautiful women are

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