Girl With Bangs By Zadie Smith Essay

742 Words Nov 17th, 2015 3 Pages
A round character is one that has the rational intentions of a human being within them. It is one that reveals the complexity of human nature and portrays a real image on a human ins Society. A round character expresses conflict within the plot of the story as well as within him or herself. In the story Girl with Bangs, the author Zadie Smith uses the theme of love and the question of what are the factors of falling in love to explore the human nature and condition of need and romanticism. By the use of the characters’ relationships and desires, the story explores human nature of topics of sexuality, sexual orientation, relationships, the way humans interact, and the nature of human instinct. In Zadie Smith’s Girl with Bangs, the narrator plays an active role as a round character as she conveys the human nature of the capability of love as well as reveals the harsh reality of internal and external conflicts. The narrator is immediately in love with Charlotte from the beginning. But as the story continues, the implications of the relationship and the narrator’s feelings develop into a much more complex conflict. The complexity of the relationship reveals knowledge and insight into human nature, as well as the many internal and external conflicts one can have relating to interpersonal relationships. As the story progresses, the narrator evolves into a character with much more dimension. Her constant struggle with her feelings of falling in love allows the readers…

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