Girl With A Pearl Earring Analysis

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In Art 21, Katharina Grosse shares her belief that all artists are “tricksters”. Her art fluently expresses this. Grosse’s sculptures distort one’s point of view; one minute they feel like a giant and the next like an ant. This distortion helps people realize that perspective can be easily influenced, and that art has the ability to mold and transform them. Art distorts our perception of what things truly are, causing us to reflect on and learn from it. Through her novel Girl with a Pearl Earring, Tracy Chevalier expresses that art is fiction, which can be tailored to suit the audiences’ personal experiences, no matter the style or form. Since everyone has experienced different relationships and events throughout their lives, people may …show more content…
The trickster is a perpetual reminder of flaws, and eventually incites a change in the main characters, unconsciously teaching them a valuable lesson that affects their personality for the rest of the story. Artists are tricksters because their works can influence their viewers allowing them to face their flaws, and come to terms with reality. In Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vermeer acted as a trickster in his style of painting and seeing things as they were. “I thought he would begin to paint what he saw – a girl’s face, a blue skirt, a yellow and black bodice, a brown map, a silver pitcher, and basin, a white wall. Instead he painted patches of color – black where her skirt would be, ocher for the bodice and the map on the wall, red for the pitcher and the basin it sat in, another grey for the wall” (99-100). Vermeer painting the colors not as they are seen in real life confused Griet, but he later explained that colors are not just shades of one color; they are a mixture of similar shades of different colors. In real life, when one sees for example a purple blanket, it appears only as shades of purple, but Vermeer taught Griet how to think as an artist and see things as the big picture (how the temperature of the light and setting affect the object in question) instead of parts of a

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