Essay on `` Girl Interrupted `` By Susanna Kaysen

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From the beginning of Susanna Kaysen’s, Girl Interrupted, the reader is immersed into a world where a normal adult woman’s life is interrupted.This is due to the error of the professional observers sending her to a mental correction facility where people who are deemed experts in their field such as psychotherapists, psychologists, and even therapists admit her based on their unanimous diagnosis of Borderline Personality. A normal woman is grouped together with people who actually do have major mental issues that affect her psyche. Despite Kaysen being heavily scrutinized by her observers she is not crazy it is due to the fact that she was diagnosed improperly which is not an accurate reflection of her character. One could see why the professional observers thought that Kaysen was crazy. One main problem why Kaysen was deemed crazy is she tried to commit suicide four months before she was even admitted into the institution. “ I wasn’t a danger to society. Was I a danger to myself? The fifty aspirin, but I’ve explained them. They were metaphorical. I wanted to get rid of a certain aspect of my character. I was performing a self- abortion with those aspirin. It worked for a while. Then it stopped, but I had no heart to try again” ( Kaysen 39). Doing physical harm to one’s self is not metaphorical in any sense that would be literally doing that action in one sense. A self- abortion first sounds bad in itself many sane people would not try to do bodily harm to themselves. If…

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