Essay on Girl, Interrupted, By Susanna Kaysen

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Girl, Interrupted is a memoir written by Susanna Kaysen in 1993. In her memoir, Kaysen recalls her time spent at a psychiatric hospital after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Her story is told through a collection of nonlinear vignettes as she chronicles her two years spent at psychiatric hospitall and her life after her time there. Kaysen recalls that in April of 1967, as an eighteen-year-old, she was admitted to McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts after attempting suicide by overdosing on fifty aspirin pills. Kaysen recounts her suicide attempt by saying:
I wasn’t a danger to society. Was I a danger to myself? The fifty aspirin--but I’ve explained them. They were metaphorical. I wanted to get rid of a certain aspect of my character. I was performing a kind of self-abortion with those aspirin. It worked for a while. Then it stopped,--but I had no heart to try again. (p. 39)
Kaysen describes her suicide attempt as a metaphor by wanting to purge herself of the things that she did not like about herself. Overdosing on pills only alleviated her for a short time until these feelings returned. After meeting with a doctor, he decides that she should spend some time in a psychiatric hospital and diagnoses her with borderline personality disorder. While at the hospital, Kaysen details her experiences in McLean and her experiences with the patients there including Lisa Rowe, a diagnosed sociopath, and Polly Clark, hospitalized for schizophrenia and…

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