Getting To Yes Negotiation Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Fisher believed that every negotiation could be integrative if you made it. Distributive just has a winner or loser, so how can we not be a loser? For this negotiation, I really took into account position and interests. I knew that the factory’s interest was more regulation and they were in a position to not give more. They just wanted us to accept. For example, the CFO was concerned about money, Human Resources just cared about regulation, and the manufacturing manager just cared about production. All of them had their own personal interests yet they were on one team. That was very helpful since it was possible to get them to disagree with each other on certain topics so we could get more. However, I also took into account, the other side that they were students who wanted a decent grade. Therefore, when we were all just about to accept “Fs” I began to use that to my side’s advantage and I tried to use an integrative

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