Explain Why Did Nazi Germany Invade The Soviet Union In 1941

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Why did Nazi Germany invade the Soviet Union in 1941?

Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 for several reasons, the most extenuating factor in the decision making process to invade the Soviet Union was the desire for Lebensraum. I will also be taking into consideration there standing in the Second World War at that time, the economic factors, Hitler’s racial ideology and his hatred of communism. I will then come to a conclusion upo my finding summarising the reasons behind the invasion of the Soviet Union.
In 1936 through the Anti-Comintern pact, Hitler affirmed is hatred of communism. This pact was between Japan and Germany, ‘The Anti-Comintern Pact of was an agreement between Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. The two nations, each
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Germany had control over Western Europe, central Europe and most of Eastern Europe including Scandinavia. Britain had been badly effected at this stage she was merely fighting for survival, the only to threats against Germany were the Soviet Union and the United States who at this stage maintained neutrality. Russia was just across the border and yielded a large enemy, which Hitler viewed as a potential threat, therefore he sought to destroy her and assume control over the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was the last obstacle Germany needed to tackle in order to assume control over Europe. ‘Adolf Hitler had always regarded the German-Soviet non-aggression pact , signed on August 23, 1939, as a temporary tactical maneuver. In July 1940, just weeks after the German conquest of France and the low countries Hitler decided to attack the Soviet Union within the following year.’ The successes of the Blitzkrieg lead to German confidence and belief they could attack, seize and defeat Russia quickly, the success of the German army in Europe lead to the invasion of the Soviet Union. Their success lead to arrogance, the confidence they held made them believe they would

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