Joseph Stalin And Communism

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Stalinism communism
The German Philosopher Karl Marx who created the Marxism ideology. He advocated for political, social, and economic principles. Marx assess the workers to have a revolution against the capital system to eliminate the classes and have an equal rights to everyone. Therefore, the first head of the Soviet Union, the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who gave the workers what Marx had in his mind with changes of some crucial aspects of Marx 's in order to fit it into the Russian situation. After the Lenin Dead in 1924, Joseph Stalin took the power of the USSR. Some might argue that Stalin applied to the theory of Marx, but in fact he was in the opposite direction in several point include in the work condition. , social equality, and property rights.
At first Marx’s theory about the revolution would occurred in industrial society. However, the USSR wasn’t an industrial country, it was an agricultural area. Therefore, Stalin
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If Marx were able to see the USSR during Stalin era he would say that Stalin order socialism instead of communism. When Marx were calling for a revolution, it was in the industrial country that advanced with technology and machines where workers were exploitation plus the terrible work condition, while Stalin revolute in agricultural society and forced the people to work 24/7 in the five year plan to modernize Russia. As well, in order to eradicate the social inequality between the landlords who has the power and the working class in advanced countries, it was developed a new classes that represented in parasites and gulag camps. Finally, the ideals that Marxism wanted to applied was to obligate property in land and to be free to trade their goods while Stalin took the lands under the state control and forced them to produce more to trade their good internationally. It assumed that Stalin created a new communist theory that has nothing to do with

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