George Thoreau 's Call Of The Wild Essay

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Two authors, one born in 1812, the other in 1876. Two books, one a reflection of life in nature, the other, the tales of animal decivilization. Even though the two book topics carry strong, distinct differences, they both carry strong beliefs about the laws of nature. Henry Thoreau, the author of Walden, describes a two year stay in nature and how he developed different views on life and nature. Jack London, the author of Call of the Wild, wrote a story about how an animal goes from being a civilized home dog, to essentially turning wild. Although London isn 't in this book, many beliefs about nature are revealed by the characters he writes about. In Walden, Thoreau has many different and similar views about nature with characters from Call of the Wild like Francois, Mercedes, and John Thornton. In Walden, Henry David Thoreau believes that animals have more or at least as much power as man, but in Call of the Wild. Francois thinks that man controls animal. Thoreau shows his belief in the power of animals when he goes on to explain why man should not use animals for work. He explains that animals control man because when man uses them for work, the animals end up preventing man from exploring his full potential. For example, when man uses an animal to help build his house, he does not fully explore his abilities in construction and design, as his work is simplified by the animal. Another example of this is when he compares the ant war to a human war. During…

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