Essay on George Rockefeller And Aaron Woolf

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When looking to answer the question why does someone support their region of New York they live in some of the easiest people to look at to find this answer would be people like business figureheads and politicians. So, the next question becomes who should someone observe in order to find an answer? One group of people who would be more obvious to look to are people who would be seen in media. For instance, people like David Rockefeller and Aaron Woolf are just the sort of people someone could look to in order to find out why it is they at the very least support their regions of NY. To begin the first person to mention is David Rockefeller from downstate New York. However, before someone can answer the question of why Rockefeller supports his region he or she should take into account just how he supports it. For instance, Rockefeller is known for participating in or possibly even creating several events which ultimately assisted his region. In fact in 1958 Rockefeller helped establish the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association (D-LMA), however, he not only helped in establishing it, but he also served as chairman for it. The D-LMA is responsible for the aiding in the planning proposals for redevelopment of lower Manhattan. Not only was Rockefeller chairman to D-LMA for a time, but he also served as chairman for the New York City Partnership. While working with the New York City Partnership he led the cities business section in working with the government to not only help…

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