Essay about George Orwell 's 1984 And All Of Oceania

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There Is No Such Thing as Privacy “It was even conceivable that they watched us all the time.” These are the words Winston Smith and all of Oceania had to live by. George Orwell’s 1984 warns us about totalitarian regimes. The government, Big Brother, abolishes the citizen’s freedom and their own personal privacy, and even into their personal thoughts. Consequently the nation is losing its patriotism and the government is representing that of an undemocratic leadership. The book portrays a futuristic lifestyle about how mankind will become “human less” and will lose their personal privacy because of government involvement in everyday professional and social lives. What is invasion of privacy? This question is asked many times throughout reading 1984. Invasion of privacy is when an individual perpetually and unlawfully intrudes into another’s private business. In 1984, Big Brother is constantly watching you no matter what. Whether it be in the lavatory, your work place or your very own bedroom, there are cameras and microphones catching your every movement and everything you say. You are not even safe from the thought police because if you think about anything bad about Big Brother they will capture you and kill you (ENotes). They watch over every citizen and invade their own personal lives to make sure they do not do anything wrong or harmful, especially against the government. And if they happen to do or say anything that goes against the laws or Big Brother, the citizen…

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