George Herbert's 'Virtue' Analysis Essay

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Bradley Price
ENG113 M/W/F 8:30
Dr. Osborne
Paper 2

Diction, Imagery, and Figurative Language in Herbert’s “Virtue” The beauty and goodness of creation often overwhelms us with awe because it is a mirror of the goodness and supremacy of the Creator. George Herbert’s “Virtue” emphasizes the spiritual truth that this world and life itself is beautiful. However, despite its beauty all of creation will come to a fiery end which will leave us to face eternity. George Herbert was a brilliant poet who expressed his religious beliefs and convictions through poetry. In his poem “Virtue” he uses colorful diction, powerful imagery, and surprising metaphors as a means of establishing the theme: life is short but our souls will
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He begins each with the word “Sweet” and ends with “must die”. The first three stanzas echo each other so that we, the reader, can understand and retain the theme. Herbert has built up momentum through repetition and moves us from a sweet day to a sweet rose and then to a sweet spring. We are then led to the last quatrain which is slightly different from the previous three. It begins not with “Sweet” but “Only a sweet…” Also it ends with the

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