George Herbert Mead And Charles Cooley's Theory Of Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic interactionism is considered a microsociology that is widely developed by many well-known sociologists. The idea of symbolic interactionism focuses on a dramaturgy perspective of social interaction. Many symbolic theorist studies the function of symbols through the behavior of social interaction and the individual self. George Herbert Mead and Charles Cooley were the two social theorists that originated from the idea of symbolic interaction.

Charles Cooley is a symbolic interactionist that developed his idea through social interaction. One of his more famous theories is the “Looking Glass Self.” He claimed that the social origin/self is matured through the lens of the other’s perspective. The Looking Glass Self is widely
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Thus, mindfulness contributes to my improvement with communication towards my boss and co- workers. At the moment, I work at an office job as an accountant/ customer service assistant. I have to be fully engage/ aware of my work setting because it helps me improve my overall performance. Being mindfulness encourages me to stride and excel from what I do. In addition, my communication with customers and my boss had improved dramatically due to my purpose/ goal of my job position. I want to be able to contribute to my company every day by keeping track of the company’s financial expenses and to satisfy customer’s need. Therefore, I learned to become active and aware of my surroundings. For example, when I am speaking to a customer about the product on the phone, I have to be mindful of the situation because I want to provide outstanding customer service. Even though I hate my job, I still want to be mindful because it helped me build communication skill, character and …show more content…
This theory did not include any focus on the individual because it is more focus on the overall structure of the society. Psychologically, schema is used to organize and construct the understanding of the specific action. However, symbolic interaction avoids the social psychologist theory’s weaknesses by closely examining how people developed through symbols and social interaction (microsociology). Symbolic interactionism consists of qualitative research in conducting studies through observation of human social interactions. Therefore, people are able to understand the micro context of how human matured to their identity through the

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