Essay on George Gascoigne 's The Adventures Of Master Fj

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George Gascoigne’s The Adventures of Master FJ primarily focuses on the affair between FJ and Dame Ellinor. During his time with Dame Ellinor, FJ establishes himself as a man “bounden to love”; however, this declaration is untrue and proven so when Frances tells that story of Bess, her lover, and her husband. The tale about Bess is meant to bring FJ to full realization that the affair he is having with Ellinor is temporary and built solely on lustful feelings. The circumstantial equivalency between FJ and the lover, as well as Ellinor and Bess, is obvious; however, their emotions towards their respective lovers differ greatly. When Bess is discovered by her husband, she repents and ends her affair and her lover to follow her wishes. However, FJ does not see beyond his own version of this tale, that being that Ellinor is in love with him only and she fulfills every desire that he has. This is not the case, as FJ comes to find when the secretary returns and Ellinor resumes her affair with him. Ellinor’s denial of her love causes FJ to become violent, raping her, and then insisting that she has ruined all other women for him. Unlike Bess’s lover who consents to the end of his affair, FJ punishes Ellinor, and in-turn all women, for not meeting his expectations. When Frances tells the story of Bess, she means for FJ to understand the likeness in his situation to the scenario in the story; however, FJ is so consumed by his own pleasure and desire, he is unable to see the…

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