Geoffrey Chaucer 's Life, Social Classes, And Feudalism Essay

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When writing Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer collected inspiration from his life, social classes, and Feudalism. In addition, his writings established new techniques as well as prompting the common use of older techniques. During the Medieval era in England, each citizen fit into a rung of the social ladder. Furthering the idea of social classes, Medieval era England practiced Feudalism. Geoffrey Chaucer lived an eventful life. Chaucer’s exact birth year remains unknown, “sometime between 1340 and 1344” in London (Geoffrey Chaucer). Chaucer moved through the social ladder “(t)hrough his father’s connections, Geoffrey held several positions early in his life, serving as a noblewoman’s page, a courtier, a diplomat, a civil servant, and a collector of scrap metal” (Geoffrey Chaucer). Under Feudalism, “Chaucer joined the English army’s invasion of France during the Hundred Years’ War” (Geoffrey Chaucer). During the war, Chaucer “ was taken prisoner; King Edward III of England paid his ransom” (Geoffrey Chaucer). While writing Canterbury Tales, “(t)he decasyllabic couplet Chaucer used...later evolved into the heroic couplet, commonly used for epic and narrative poetry in English” (Geoffrey Chaucer). In addition, “Chaucer is also credited with pioneering the regular use of iambic pentameter” (Geoffrey Chaucer). Chaucer’s contributions dubbed him the title of “Father of English Literature” (Geoffrey Chaucer). Medieval England followed a strict caste system. At the top of the…

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