Genres: Ill Equipped Rescuers Essay

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Melissa Ponce
Ms. Mayer
Honors English II
25 October 2012
Comparing and Contrasting Themes Across Genres Creating a theme helps fiction writers convey an important message. The story "And of Clay Are We Created," is fictionalized from the newspaper article "Ill Equipped Rescuers". Both the story and the newspaper article express a similar theme and purpose, but they also have some difference in them. In "And of Clay Are We Created" and "Ill Equipped Rescuers," authors Isabel Allende and Bradley Graham use terms like "loss" and "hopelessness" to develop a theme that portrays the devastating tragedy that struck Colombia. In the fiction story "And of Clay Are We Created," Allende focuses its theme more on memory and reminiscence. For
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The article explains the mess the eruption caused, where as the story focuses on explaining and expressing Rolf Carlé's and Azucena's thoughts and emotions. Graham's article goes into great detail about the "Scattered belongings and crushed bodies buried under brown watery slush..." (267). Because there were about 20,000 or more people dead, officials claimed that Armero was "holy ground" (Graham 268). There were many people there to try and help all those who were injured and those who were stuck in rubble. According to Alferez, there could have been 1000 people trapped alive in the city's ruins (268). After the volcanic eruption, a flood of mud arose. This made it much more difficult for rescuers to dig out those who were stuck in the rubble and debris. Graham's article also informed us about all those who were buried alive, stuck in the rubble, or were drifted away in the mud. The Red Cross Team and Air Force members helped to search for bodies all throughout the town. Some people were on roof tops of their homes, and others were on trees. A rescuer said that "once survivors were found, the process of freeing them was a lengthy, arduous effort" (268). Allende's story, "And of Clay Are We Created" and Graham's article "Ill-Equipped Rescuers," also have themes that they both share. Those themes are hopelessness and unselfishness. Rolf Carlé and the rescue teams go out of their way to try and save as many people as they can.

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