Genetically Modified Organisms Should Not Be Taken Lightly Essay

1244 Words Dec 15th, 2015 5 Pages
Genetically modified organisms, better known as GMOs, have been a controversial topic that has caused an uproar among the population. The researcher’s interest pertaining to this topic was peaked approximately one year ago during a biotechnology lecture. Throughout this lecture Mrs. Rausch, a former biotechnologist, explained the fundamental concepts and processes of making genetically modified organisms. Not only has this lecture shaped the researcher’s bias, but his extensive research for various projects have also. An important topic like genetically modifying organisms should not be taken lightly, but rather researched and experimented with in order to form a knowledgeable and credible opinion. GMOs have unlimited potential to change the world, thus requiring informing the general public. Genetically modifying organisms supplement a sustainable environment, benefit the public in various ways, and progress controlled evolution. In an ideal example to create a genetically modified organism, the scientist needs a plasmid containing three elements: a cloning site, drug resistance gene (in this case resistant to Ampicillin), and a replication origin. The first step is to let a restriction endonuclease enzyme (in this case EcoR1) cleave to its specialized target sequence (G-AATTC). Next, sticky ends, which are “fragments of DNA (often produced by a staggered cut on the DNA using restriction enzymes) in which the terminal portion has a stretch of unpaired nucleotides”…

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