Essay on Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On Society

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New technological advances occur every day. These advances have begun to spill into most everything in modern society, such as agriculture, consumer health, the environment, food production, medicine, and much more. One of these advances is genetic engineering and the organisms that scientists genetically engineer called genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Today, there are many controversies over GMOs and whether or not they are good for society due to the process and possible repercussions of altering nature. genetically modified organisms are beneficial to the environment, farmers, and to the consumer’s health and therefore have a positive impact on society as a whole. Genetically modified organisms are a hot topic; however, few know exactly how they are produced. There are two common ways of genetically altering a crop. One method is the use of a “gene-gun” and the second is through using, “a bacterium to introduce the gene(s) of interest into the plant DNA” (“Pocket”). The gene-gun method is the more commonly used of the two and involved a process of taking a specific gene from a bacterium, putting the gene into vectors, and injecting these vectors into the cells of the seeds of the crop (“Genetically Modified Foods”). This process is used on a variety of crops such as soy, tomatoes, and corn and is carried out by many companies, like Monsanto. Many worry that this changing of the makeup of crops would cause negative side effects on human health, however this is…

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