The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms, more commonly known as GMOs, are organisms whose DNA has been scientifically modified by moving genes between different organisms that don’t naturally breed (Hirsch, 2014, para. 1). In other terms, GMOs have a gene in their DNA that researchers have added into it in order to improve the overall quality of that crop. Even though researchers have added strands of DNA to an organism, those organisms still look like the original organism (Ostrander, 2014).
According to dietician Jaime Mass, RDN, LDN, researchers originally created GMOs to boost crop yields and profits. “Most GMO crops were created to be pest-resistant, or to survive herbicide use. If crops aren’t killed by pesticides or little critters then we will grow more of that crop, make
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In early October of 2014, Jimmy Kimmel asked people at a farmers market if they were for or against GMOs. His camera crew asked eleven people if they were for or against GMOs, why they felt that way, and what GMO stood for. Out of those eleven people interviewed, eight were against GMOs, but none of those people knew what a GMO really was or what it stood for. Only one knew what a GMO was, one other had never heard of the term GMO before, and one other didn’t know what a GMO was and was for GMOs (Kimmel, 2014).
What people don’t realize, “sometimes genetic modification is needed to bring in the genetic material from elsewhere,” (GMOs: a Solution or, 2014) It’s important for people to see the genetically modified technology, as a spectrum of technologies to improve the crops. However, if the public doesn’t understand GMOs, and are against them, then it will make it almost impossible for farmers to be able to use their land and crops sustainable. Properly educating the public about GMOs and all the benefits of them, will be a key role in helping feed the continuously growing

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