Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Six Body Paragraphs

Genetically modified organisms have not been around for years and years, but have still accumulated a history and have rapidly spread around the world. “The first GM crops were commercialized by China in the early 1990’s” (Nelson 3) and have grown into a massive industry since then. From 1996 to 2006 the amount of acreage planted with GM crops across the globe increased from 1.7 to 102 million hectares (Kriepe 4) and is still on the rise. The massive growth of this industry, however, has slowed mainly because of the European rejection of GM foods, as well as other smaller countries. Most consumers throughout Europe fear GM foods, and many pro-GM food people contribute this to its representation. A study in Vienna showed most consumers learned about GM foods from television and newspapers (Santaniello, Evenson, and Zilberman 50). The representation of GM food is not particularly great, adding to the perceived danger. But a whole continent does not feel a certain way without some solid reasons, which will be discussed shortly. The European rejection of GM foods needs be realized and taken seriously by consumers and distributors alike because genetically engineered foods can and do have significant repercussions.
Many researches and studies have been conducted over genetically modified organisms, and there are studies that support and oppose the safety of GM foods. Paul Koberstein mentions several instances when scientists studying the safety…

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