Genetically Modified For Medical Purposes Essay

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babies, one thing is certain: the babies should only be genetically modified for medical purposes. In this case, scientists would use CRISPR/Cas9 to take out any DNA in the embryo that coded for a life-threatening or incurable disease (Hernandez 1). Genetically modifying babies for this reason would significantly benefit society. It would enable researchers to eliminate devastating diseases inside a baby before it is even born; this would save infant lives and prevent babies from being born with serious disabilities (Gyngell 1). There are currently 7.9 million children around the globe who suffer from an incurable genetic disease that they were born with, such as cancer, down-syndrome, etc. However, this number could easily be reduced if scientists simply genetically modify babies for these diseases. Thus, there should be, “no reason why we could not restrict the use of gene editing… to [remove] valueless genes [that cause disease] …” (Gyngell 1). The practice would ultimately lower infant mortality and alleviate human suffering. That would be a remarkable advancement in society. Thus, genetically modifying babies for medical purposes is a practice that should be performed.
Some people, however, believe that scientists should not genetically modify babies for medical purposes. Opponents of the practice say that the CRISPR system is too dangerous to use on embryos that would be implanted into the mother’s womb. They are horrified by the Chinese experiment…

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