Genetically Modified Food And Organic Food Essay

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The objective of this report is to recommend the widespread use of genetically modified food to feed a large population, instead of organic food.
As the world’s population grows and its agriculture industry diminished there is a concern with how the world would be fed, either with organic food or genetically modified food. In recent years technological advancement in biotechnology and genetic engineering allows for the rapidly growing use of genetically modified food, specifically crops. Genetically modified crops are crops that have their seed modified through genetic engineering techniques that allow for the selection of desirable traits. In order to produce these traits in organic food it would require selective breeding and an immense amount of time. The general public scrutinizes genetically modified food, deeming them unsafe and not nature. This however is not the case. The scientific community has widely accepted that genetically modified organism are in fact safe.
This report will compare genetically modified food and organic food by discussing their merits based on the following aspects; their social concern, safety, and cost benefit analysis.

Health Discussion
One of the leading health concerns with GMO are the introduction of genes in food that may have a negative impact on one’s health. The leading example for this argument is the growing allergies throughout the world. An example would be the…

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