Genetic Testing Is A Good Idea For All Parents Essay

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Autism is on the rise. Parents and physicians alike are struggling to understand what the cause of ASD is. Many parents believe there is a strong gene related component. Genetic testing is one thing that I feel doctors should order or a parent needs to request in an attempt to gain a little more understanding as to what this diagnosis means for their child and as a family. But does genetic testing actually reveal any useful information? Can genetic testing predict for a family if they will again have another autistic child? I believe genetic testing can provide a few of these answers. I have confidence in the idea that participating in genetic testing is a good idea for all parents who have a child or children with autism.
The purpose of this study was to obtain data in relation to the history of genetic testing experiences of persons who have a diagnosis of ASD by using a parental survey. In other words does genetic counseling make a difference in the services an autistic child receives? In addition it has been shown that parents that have a child with autism increase the probability of having a child with autism by as much as 10% and increases to as much as 50% if there are two or more siblings in the family that have autism. (Cuccaro ET AL 2014) Genetic testing may give information to the family about the cause or causes of autism. The following paper discusses genetic testing and why these tests can benefit and can help to gain answers about autism. The article…

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