Genetic Engineering Food: The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Food

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Modern day technology has evolved tremendously throughout the past years. It has come to a point where everyday foods are being altered to fit in our lives. Many would say it is a great discovery, but others are against it. Genetic engineering of food, or in other terms, genetically modified foods (GMO), is an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered from extracting a portion of DNA from one organism to another. Many discussions are created amongst GMO foods, including with it and against. Majority may have heard why GMO is good for the economy and everything included. However, many do not know the dark secrets that are being kept from our society. Throughout the essay an explanation will be provided why Genetic Engineering …show more content…
It has come to point where individuals created enormous corporations that generated a large amount of profit for them. This profit consisted of growing and selling food. How edible, or healthy is this food? That is the main question that is being asked amongst many concerned citizens about their health from eating food. Companies have become so advanced in food processing that they are forgetting what the proper steps for growing and selling food are. Nowadays, many different types of pesticides, hormones, and chemicals are being implemented into the production of these foods. A scientist named Michael Hansen, PHD Senior at Consumers Union, has discovered companies have been adding new spray chemicals to their crops. A new herbicide is becoming classified as a probable cancer causing carcinogen. It is popular because of the GMO crops’ inbred resistance towards it. Dr. Hansen stated, “It 's appalling to discover that an herbicide that GMO crops are specifically engineered to tolerate is actually a probable carcinogen,” (States News Service, 2015, March 23). Companies are referring to these resistant chemicals because it is a cheaper product and the company’s GMO crop has become resistant. However, when applied the chemical seeps into the crop and then consumers buy the product and are unaware of the cancer causing carcinogen in the food. Furthermore information regarding genetic engineering of food is the process of which the products are being produced. Ham, in particular processed, is a scientifically proven fact that is cancer causing. The chemical included into the company’s ham is nitrates and nitrites. These chemicals are used to preserve the meats colour. As a result, ingesting this chemical in meat products and in water, can become extremely harmful towards infants and pregnant women. Nevertheless, people should be advised of the food they are eating. A list of the top ten genetically

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