Genetic Engineering Ethical Essay

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Thesis: There is an ethical dilemma that has surfaced to allow parents to genetically modify their child. Genetic engineering has the ability to provide a baby with a healthier lifestyle, allow for medical breakthroughs, and _________________. However, this is a trial and error process including ethical views of the parents.

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CRISPR is a powerful tool that can modify gene function and edit DNA sequence to prevent inherited medical conditions. In past studies, Paul Serhal, Medical Director of the Assisted Conception Unit designed a British baby to be free of the breast cancer gene which has affected three generations of her father’s family. According to _________ avoiding these “diseases” and only keeping the healthy genes, increases the lifespan of a designer child up to thirty plus years.

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I, as a believer of science, thinks this is a beneficial study. However, it’s still in the stages of experiment, thus, deficiencies can occur but this information gives the medical professionals a better understanding of their field. Biologist Paul Knoepfler “estimates that within fifteen years, scientists could use the gene editing
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Since, it’s been a widely controversial matter. Children with Down Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Disorder, and Huntington's Disease are deemed as “undesirable” to society. CRISPR technology had good intentions but parents abused this technology to satisfy their wants and create, in their eyes this “perfect” child. Biologist Jennifer Doudna, who was part of inventing CRISPR-Cas9 stating “enhanced properties, such as stronger bones, a different eye color or to be taller,” creating these so-called “designer babies.” Some may say, this is a violation of the baby’s rights. I believe the parents have the best interest at heart. Wanting the baby to strive and flourish in

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