Genetic Dna Of Neanderthals Of The Altai Mountains Essay examples

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Recently, an experiment with genetics uncovered that a population might have diverged from early humans in Africa and aided in the genetic DNA of Neanderthals of the Altai Mountains in central Asia. This experiment also uncovered that Neanderthals of the Altai Mountains might have migrated earlier than believed, and interbred with early modern humans in the Near East. Scientists, involved with this experiment, came to their conclusion through the analysis of genomes of a Neanderthal and a Denisovan, a recent addition to the human family tree (Why Am I Denisovan, 2016), and the sequences of chromosome 21 of two Neanderthals from Spain and Croatia. The scientists tested these DNA sequences against 504 African genomes in 15,881 sequence window of 100 kilobits, which means they narrowed the time range by not including the archaic alleles brought by the Eurasians to Africans about 3,000 years ago. Their experiment relied on computer simulations from a Generalized Phylogenetic Coalescent Sample (G-PhoCS). Through these computer simulations, scientists noticed that the Altai Neanderthal DNA sequences were shared more frequently with the Africans than with the Denisovan, with whom the Neanderthals co-inhabited in the Altai Mountains. A crucial discovery that these scientists made, to determine that the Altai Neanderthals interbred with early modern humans from Africa, was that located on the ancestral Altai Neanderthal genome were young ‘African’ haplotypes (a group of genes…

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