General Burgoyne Had Believed On 9 August Essay

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General Burgoyne had believed. On 9 August, with Colonel Warner acting as a guide, General Stark’s militia arrived in Bennington to gather against General Burgoyne’s possible intrusion into New Hampshire (Barbieri, 2013). It was unknown by the militia that Colonel Baum was preparing to move on Bennington as well the very same day. The route of Colonel Baum’s slow march took them first to Fort Edward, then on to Saratoga by 12 August. Battenkill, on the east side of the Hudson River, was next on 13 August, then onto Cambridge. On 14 August, only 8 miles west of Bennington, Colonel Baum encountered an American scouting party at the Sancoick Mill (Nickerson, 1967). The rebels quickly withdrew, but five prisoners were taken at the mill. They reported that there was a sizable militia at Bennington, upwards of 1,800 men. Additionally, the mill held a stockpile of flour, wheat, salt and potatoes. Colonel Baum dispatched a letter to General Burgoyne regarding the captured rations and the intelligence regarding the possible militia force, but also boasted that the rebels would retreat upon the British advance. By the end of the day, Colonel Baum expected to engage the enemy and drive them from the area (Nickerson, 1967). When the rebel scouts returned to Bennington and reported of the British troops at Sancoick Mill, Brigadier Stark immediately rallied the troops and advanced towards the enemy force. After marching a few more miles east of the mill, Colonel Baum met with…

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