General Antonio Luna And The Kattipunan Revolution

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Filipinos before wanted our independence back to us. It was about fighting for our country’s independence with right goals and right objectives. It was about sacrificing your own life for independence. From the Spanish colonial rule up to the Philippine-American war, General Antonio Luna wanted our independence back. He was a general with great skills and was a military strategist and the most brilliant general in our country during the Philippine-American war. When Katipunan Revolution existed, they were asked to join with his two other brothers. But because his brothers and him believed in gradual reform, they refused to join. This was because the Katipunan Revolution had different objectives compared to the gradual reform.
General Luna was
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As a good general of our country, he also fought for our independence. When he was asked of joining the Katipunan Revolution, he refused to join the Katipunan Revolution. This is because his brothers Juan and Jose and him believed in gradual reform. I think that other people would also want to go to the side of the Luna brothers because for other people, the objectives of the Katipunan Revolution would not be as good as the gradual reform.
Although Antonio Luna and his brothers did not believe the Katipunan Revolution, they were still imprisoned. This was because the Spaniards believed that they were part of the Katipunan Revolution when they knew this organization existed. This may be an unfair treatment for them, but his brothers Juan and Jose were later on released from the prison. This was good for his brothers but not for him. It was still unfair for him because he was exiled to Spain. He was not just exiled to Spain, but General Antonio Luna was imprisoned in
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These soldiers were not just ordinary guerilla soldiers, but they were also professionals. The professional guerilla soldiers are also known as the Luna sharpshooters. General Luna also had a three-tier defense or also known as the Luna Defense Line.
General Luna was not only known as the general who made professional guerilla soldiers and the Luna Defense Line, but he was also known for his bravery.
He was also a general who punishes his troops or men right away. He was a hot-tempered man who punishes his men when they do something bad or when they do not follow military orders. He was not a general who will always and always give chances to his people who do bad doings. He loses his temper right away, and this is one of the reasons why he will not give chances to his troops who do not follow military orders.
III. The Influences from Being a General
General Antonio Luna had different opinions from people, and he also had different influences on his people and during the Philippine-American war. Other people had different opinions and were influenced by him in different ways. On his people, they received strict discipline from him and reacted differently. Most of his people or troops hated him because General Antonio Luna would disarm them right away when they do not follow the military

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