Essay about Gender, Violence, And Violence

1694 Words May 9th, 2016 7 Pages
As humans, we are all susceptible to being victims of violence. However, as a society, we have created the notion that women are the people most susceptible to violence and that men are the people most likely to be the perpetrators of violence. These perceptions of the interaction between gender and violence can be seen throughout institutions in society. While it is simple to follow these notions, gendered violence and perceptions of violence are actually harmful to both men and women. In this essay, I will be using various research sources to support this and emphasize the importance of dispelling these perceptions. Jocelyn Hollander introduced two new terms to help explain how violence is gendered. When considering how violence is discussed, two types of individuals come to mind. These individuals are the victims and the perpetrators. Hollander expanded on these two types and analyzed some of the key aspects about these individuals that define them as these categories. These aspects are perceived vulnerability and perceived dangerousness. Perceived vulnerability is the “shared [belief] about the perceived openness of particular social groups to violent victimization on one hand”, and perceived dangerousness is “their perceived potential for perpetrating violence on the other” (Hollander; 87). In addition to these definitions, these perceptions can vary based on the age, race, class, and sexual identity of the individual. As a blanket condition, all children were seen as…

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