Gender Violence And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Gender violence occurs worldwide and already permeates all social classes. This type of violence in Brazil, until recently, was treated as a trivial and insignificant problem. Consequently, several were types of violence committed by men against women with whom they often have emotional or living bond, ranging from a simple injury, considered against honor, to get to the murder, typified in the Penal Code as crime against life (BRAZIL, 1940).
Soares (2009) defines the problem with the term violence against women, focusing on a gender approach and limiting the spectrum of analysis to the parameters of what might be called, simplified, the feminist field. In this context, the author believes that:

The term "violence against women" is already a clear cut on the nature of the phenomenon: limits the actors involved, establishes who are the victims and the executioners, diagnose its causes (patriarchy and domination gender) and, therefore, anticipates solutions, such as those that have been recommended by the women 's movement: criminalization and punishment of the guilty. The focus, in this case, concetrate more on the agents and not on the dynamics and relationships (SOARES, 2009, p. 145).

It is important to accentuate that many women in gender relationship are victims of violence and that such of violence can manifest itself in various ways such as physical, psychological, moral, sexual and retated to patrimonial dependence.
To Parodi and Range (2010) the increasing scale of…

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