Gender Stereotypes Of Child Care Center Observation Essay

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When I was in early childhood, I was addicted to the color pink. I still have a funny photo in which I am giggling wearing a pink t-shirt, pink pants, a pink backpack and pink sneakers. I might have thought that pink is girls’ color and I am a girl, so I should choose pink not sky blue. Like this, in early childhood, children have their own gender identity and construct a gender stereotype based on environmental information. This gender stereotype causes them to build gender roles. In child care center observation, even though most of 6 children could answer about the gender based on the gender stereotype, they tended to be so indulged in their rigid gender stereotype due to cognitive limitation that it was hard for them to accept the other gender-perspective. As 6 children in this experiment were asked about their gender, they could answer appropriately and knew that their sexes have not changed since they were born, but 4 of them couldn’t find the answer how they knew their gender. On the other hand, a 3.9-year female answered she was a girl because she had a nail polish, which can show a gender stereotype that nail polish is for women. A 3.8-year male answered “mommy calls me a boy,” which indicates the gender identity could be built naturally by parents.
In terms of the doll experiment, all of the children referred to the doll without the dress as a boy doll. However, after dressing a doll, half of the children answered that it was a boy doll and the others answered it…

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