Gender Stereotypes Of 70s Show Essay

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The setting of That 70s Show is crucial to understanding why there are so many gender stereotypes depicted in the show. This was a time where women were considered inferior to men but, this is not the case nowadays. Every character in the show fulfils some type of gender stereotype. For the male characters, some of the stereotypes are still around in our society today. As for the female characters, society has moved on from the stereotypes placed on women and accepted the fact women and men have the same capabilities in life. A majority of the female characters in that 70s show, illustrate a gender stereotype that can be seen as old-fashioned or typical.
The writers of That 70s Show, depicted the gender stereotype of an unintelligent gold digger in a way that makes women seem weak and hopeless in their future. Laurie is one character who isn’t very bright and is seen having multiple relationships with men throughout the show. Laurie’s family believes that her future is hopeless unless she marries a rich man which is what a lot of women were conditioned to think during this time period. Another example of this gender stereotype being fulfilled in the show is the character Jackie. Jackie is a spoiled teenager whose vanity and shallowness is easily shown. Jackie believes that money is the most important thing in the world and school is the last thing she worries about. The writers are sending a message through these characters that women are dependent on men and are hopeless…

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