Essay Gender Stereotypes : Being A Man

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Being a man is a strenuous challenge as it is, but when masculine stereotypes set by society come into play, it brings the task to a whole other level. Men throughout history have been faced with daily tests as to whether or not societal norms are followed. If societal norms don’t get followed, one would become an instant outcast of society and would be looked upon as weak, girly, and an overall disappointment. There are stereotypes that are found in literature include the limiting of feelings and emotions, the treatment women receive from men, the economic and social standing that men display and finally, how men influence family life. Even though these stereotypes are finely ingrained into society, they are not always upheld by men and are broken throughout literature.
The ability to have feelings and display emotion is something that everybody should be allowed to have, but when it comes to masculinity, men are taught that emotion should be bottled up inside themselves and are encouraged to not externally display them. When this societal norm is broken, a man is looked down upon as having feminine characteristics, and is then thought of as weaker than a “proper, dominant” male who does not need to showcase emotion to the world. When it comes to literature this stereotype was commonly broken when a male showed emotion and genuine love towards a female. When relating to a marriage, one would think that it is a great positive to show love toward a partner, but in reference…

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