Essay on Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

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Gender role in a society is often stereotyped and reflects the essence of the given culture and social structure. Certain social roles dominated by either gender, such as traditional social division of labor link to belief about gender roles (Wood & Eagly, 2010). Gender role expectations are pervasive in a society and an individual’s psyche (Firestone, Firestone, & Catlett, 2006; Plant, Hyde, Keltner, & Devine, 2000). Stereotyped views of gender often lead to defensive sexist attitudes that eventually reflected back on social values and policies. Such perspectives and expectations may or may not accurately describe either gender (Firestone & Catlett, 1999; Firestone, Firestone, & Catlett, 2006). The assigned characteristics and roles may confuse individuals as they develop a sense of self. This confusion can be attributed to artificial nature of gender stereotype views (Firestone & Catlett, 1999; Firestone, Firestone, & Catlett, 2006).
Stereotype of men Traditional view of men in Western culture, including the United States, perceives them in less positively compared to women. Both men and women share such stereotype of men. Feminist movement in the 1980’s encouraged less than flattering view of men as it characterized men as powerful oppressors and misogynists. Consequently, the movement endorsed traditional stereotype of men and patriated women as the victims (Firestone, Firestone, & Catlett, 2006). Stereotypical characteristics of men are often labeled as agency, which…

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