Gender Roles Within Romantic Movies Essay

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Films are a powerful medium that bring storytelling to life, and what better story to tell than a love story. Love and romance have been popular genres in media since people began telling stories, and are still an extremely popular genre today. Gender roles within romantic movies are often very obviously segregated. Women are often the helpless submissive character, and men are usually the strong and capable character. There are several examples of this kind of relationship dynamic. The most obvious examples are Disney princess movies where there’s a strong male lead who saves or falls in love with the beautiful, helpless princess. It’s a story as old as time. But have these relationship dynamics changed over time? What do modern love stories look like? Has media adapted in a way where woman are seen as more capable? These are the questions I will be exploring in my Analysis. I want to know what gender roles look like in todays most popular romance movies. Gender roles are an important topic to study because it brings into light what our culture and society expect of men and women. This kind of research allows for an insight into stereotypical gender norms that are unequal and could be damaging. In this essay I will specifically be researching gender roles in relation to the gap between men and women in romantic relationships. My research will be conducted in a methodological fashion, exploring specifically the contrast between men and women in romantic…

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