Essay on Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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The world is changing everyday, every minute, and even every second. Something is always changing. Change is a part of life, and if you can’t handle the change then you will have a hard time in life. The one thing that hasn’t really changed is gender roles between men and women. Gender roles refers to the society 's expectation on how men and women should behave. Although some people don’t think gender roles fit into society, most gender roles fit very well.
Everyone has heard of traditional gender roles, but do they know what they really are. Masculine roles are usually represented by strength, aggression and dominance. Men are expected to be strong, and if they aren’t they are considered weak (“Gender”). Men have it harder than women because women are naturally motherly. Some men are naturally softer than other men and they have to either try hard to be “manly” or get picked on because they are considered “too soft”. Men should be allowed to be soft because I don’t want to have a husband that is too hard especially with children. While feminine roles are usually represented by passivity, nurturing, and subordination. Women have always been expected to be friendly, passive, and nurturing (“Gender”). My aunt works in the field of Engineering and most of her co workers are male. The men make significantly more money than she does even though she does the same work as them (Galinsky). This is not fair for this particular case, but if the men are doing more physical labor then…

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