Gender Roles Of Men And Women In Jackson's The Lottery

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The story action from the women could lend the reader realize that women are submissive to their husband, because the male are in authority which is similar to gender roles in our country. In this world, whether in religion or in history: there are always records showing that males get the higher priority because the society believes that men are better than women. In Jackson’s story, it demonstrates numerous context of showing how male was superiority than women. In the beginning of the story “Martin had already stuffed his pocket full of stone and other boys soon follow...” “the girl stood aside” (Jackson 1). The male had receive a higher power than women ever since they were young, the boy who collecting the stone get to participate in role, where they could throw stone at the person whoever win while the girl just standing there and stare at it. Jackson also demonstrate how …show more content…
By using the literary elements, Jackson had present many ideas how the women are lacking of power comparing to the men. In our world, the society has various stereotypes of what males can do and what females can do. This is not right; gender does not change someone’s ability to do certain things. Men and women should be equal. They both should have the right to give each other a chance to do certain things. Men and women should be on the same standard level instead of men being on a higher standard. Gender does not effect a person ability. Females work equally as hard as male, so they deserve to get the same benefit as a male do. In addition, women do have the right to speak up for themselves, everyone has opinions. Women’s thoughts and ideas are equally as important as men’s. Perhaps, one day the women in this world, would not be judged by others and living their life as they please. Those issues surrounding gender inequality will change later on in the

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