Gender Roles Of Hindu Families Essay

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Aparana Tharmakulasingam
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RS 203 Hinduism
Monday, February 16, 2015
Gender Roles In Hindu Families: Then And Now
Hinduism is very similar to other religions when it comes to gender roles. The religion is predominantly male dominated. Traditionally, family is considered to be the heart and central focus of a Hindus’ daily life. In a Hindu family, Dharma is deemed to be a very significant factor driving a persons life. Males and females, both have a particular dharmic duty that they must complete. The term Dharma can be defined as “that which sustains” and this is essentially the central Brahmin concept including meanings ranging from “order” to “ability”, “role”, “duty” and “religion” (Falk 329). Gender is a core factor that determines the extraordinary differences in duties between males and females. Gender roles and dharmic duties are also dependent on the age of the Hindu.
In the past, a traditional Hindu family was known as a joint family. This included maternal and paternal grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. Normally, this determined what the roles of each person in the family were. Gender was a significant factor in role identification. In a modern Hindu family there are no specific gender roles that are expected of anyone. Moreover, the heads of household treat each other as equals and their relationship as a companionship.
There are 6 important roles based on gender that can be identified:…

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