Gender Roles : Children, A Boy And A Girl Essay

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Gender Roles Imagine that you have two children, a boy and a girl. You decided to go to Walmart to buy the children some toys for their birthday. You stand in the middle of two aisles and they are being separated by a thin rank. On one side, there are boys toys that consist of legos, builder packs of blocks, toy cars, and the color blue everywhere. On the other side is the girls’ toys; their toys consist of barbies, baby dolls that are in different types of situations, and the color pink is on every label. What do you do if your son wants to play with dolls for his birthday and your daughter wants to play with legos and toy cars for her? Your son runs into the girl aisle and picks out a baby doll that he really wanted and you cannot push him towards playing with a car or truck. Now, your daughter quickly runs to the boy aisle and picks out a toy truck that transforms into an Autobot, she is happy about what she picked and really wants it for her birthday. Now you start thinking about what the other kids might think about your kids playing with these new toys, will they be made fun of? Will they be judged by what they are playing with? How can you protect your children from bullying because they are not playing with “boy” toys or “girl” toys? These questions are the type that involves gender role, gender identity, and how children are being judged by others. The term gender roles can be defined as “the way people act, what they do and say, to express being a girl or a…

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