Gender Roles And Their Roles Essay

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Cultures come in various sizes, traditions, and geography. Although so different, they still share multiple similarities in beliefs and customs. One such category is gender roles and how strict they are. Gender roles are certain roles a culture expects males and females hold. For example, men are the sole breadwinners while the women have domestic roles. Despite having such similar ideas of gender roles, how strict people should adhere to them vastly differ from culture to culture. In today’s world, gender roles are under heavy scrutiny as the world moves forward toward equality. The cultures most associated with gender roles today are middle-eastern and Asiatic cultures. In these cultures a patriarchal based society is viewed as acceptable, which the men being heads of families and in power, while women stay submissive and at home to raise children. In these cultures however, men are not the only ones enforcing these gender roles. Women are just as guilty. In a study done by Zhixia Chen, Susan T. Fiske, and Tiane L. Lee, used two samples of Chinese and American participants completed a survey titled “Dating and
Marriage Values Survey”. The survey was made of the 22 items in the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory and 49 other items from the Gender-Role Ideology in Marriage. They then separated the responses into two categories: hostile sexism and benevolent sexism. Hostile sexism was those that were against traditional gender roles; benevolent sexism was those for traditional…

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