Gender Roles And Male Masculinity Essay example

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Traditional gender roles are individuals’ behaviors seen from men and women in those old movies. While there are many differences today, these forms of behavior have left a permanent effect on society and our thoughts about men and women. In American culture, masculine roles have usually been associated with strength, belligerence, and dominance in the relationship, while feminine roles have usually been associated with passivity, fostering, loving and caring. In the 70s feminist theory, they focused how the camera and film production lingers on the women and sexualizes them in non-sexual context. So women are generally chosen to play roles with the pleasures of men in their mind. In Magic Mike XXL, the traditional gender role alternates between the men and the women. The men in the movie make sure the women are treated like queens and not just sexual beings. Society puts a label on male masculinity. If a male isn’t strong, tough, or even shows a lot of affections and emotions, he is labeled weak, a chump or even homo. Traditional gender roles and societal expectations of masculinity and femininity can be considered dehumanizing to male and women because it treats them as a one dominical object without allowing them to express their actions or desires of their own.
Although Magic Mike XXL was written and directed by men, it is explicitly about female pleasure. With the characters in Magic Mike being strippers they are actually already in a sexualized context. The ability of…

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