Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

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Gender roles are the expectations that are widely accepted by society, about how each gender should behave. Gender stereotypes are the fixed and far to expected beliefs of how women and men should behave. The difference between these two are that gender roles, are the do’s and don’ts according to your gender, and gender stereotypes are how they expect you to behave based on a grouped understanding. Rathus (2010)
Physical traits of men are that they have deeper voices, facial hair, more body hair, and bigger body structures. Women on the other hand, have wider hips and smaller body sizes. These physical differences are due to the sex hormones, which are mostly determined by genetics. Cognitive differences between men and women are both learned and biological. It used to be believed that men were more intelligent than women. The reasoning behind those beliefs were based only on men having more understanding and knowledge about world affairs. Women are more verbally advanced, being as they can pick up on languages faster than men. Men are more visually advanced, being able to manipulate the scene in front of them. Personality differences among the
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86% of women have these disorders, which is way to high of a number if you ask me. It’s important for people to understand this topic because of how high the chances are that they will come in contact with someone with one of these, or even personally have one of these disorders. By raising awareness, people could be less likely to make somebody feel down because of their weight, or to worry about their weight. These disorders weaken the immune system and their strength by lack of nutrition and vitamins. Emotionally or mentally, depression can arise if not already, by the fact that they are down about their body image and weight. Relationships will be hard to keep or develop due to the exhaustion and social division that will

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