Gender Roles And Binaries Of Women Essay

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In our capitalistic world today individuals are not valued on their attributes or abilities but on which group of society they are placed in. These groups are categorized by race, wealth and religion but the most important classification is gender. Gender binaries and classifications are what determines the limitations that are placed upon a person. Gender binaries force people to conform to one category when it comes to sex and sexuality or even basic characteristic traits. Gender roles and binaries limit women to the archetypes of the caring mother and the damsel in distress. These archetypes create boundaries for a women’s success in society and allows the the society to stereotype all women to one role. In a patriarchal society dominated by sex and gender binaries a women is limited to fulfilling domestic responsibilities because of inferiority to men who “occupy the public sphere where decisions of popular morality, social norms, and public policy are debated and subsequently validated”(Prasad, 2005). These limitations allow men to dominate women in every aspect which creates corruption and injustice and usually leads to violence.
Bigoted and discriminatory views on gender differences stem from essentialism which allows gender based biases to dictate the very core of our culture. Justifying essentialistic views was much easier before the women’s rights movement and before feminist groups called for society to end discrimination and stereotypical classifications. Social…

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