Gender, Religion And Socioeconomic Status Essay

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Each and every family is unique in their own way. Families consist of different races that may practice different religions, a conflictive understanding of gender roles, and a differing socioeconomic status. They are often constructed of mothers, fathers, and siblings with extended families of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Families are a group of individuals who can be bound by the relation of blood, marriage, legal relations, emotional ties or biological connections(Coontz 36). Through the course of life, different families face different social and economical obstacles that can often hinder one’s experience or help them grow depending on the situation. My family has been shaped by many ideologies that had we not experienced, we wouldn 't be who we are today. Gender, religion and socioeconomic status may all play a huge factor on an individuals life in today’s society, and by being a catholic female who lacked a college education but held a middle class position, my mother faced many challenges. My mother, Amy Danyale Williams was born June 5, 1974, in the city of Fort Smith Arkansas and was raised in a middle class family. At the young age of eighteen Amy found out she was pregnant with her first child that she had in 1994 who she named Hunter. Amy grew up in a religious household under catholicism and for her to become pregnant out of wedlock was looked down upon not only by her family but also by her church. The next year Amy married Hunter’s father, Ross…

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