Gender, Race, And Environment Essay

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The world is constantly changing and evolving whether humanity likes it or not. As the world evolves, people can either adapt, or they can try to spark a new change. In the Information Age, people have the knowledge of the universe right at the fingertips. People have access to more information than can be imagined and now people can form more informed opinions about any subject imaginable. Consequently, the human condition has changed throughout history in regards to open mindedness of gender, race, and environment.
Throughout history, the main genders have always been male and female. When a baby is born the first questions asked is “Is it a boy or girl?” Before birth, babies are showered with gender “appropriate” gifts: pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. One may wonder if gender is a completely cultural concept, with little to do with biology at all. In The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female are Not Enough, the author talks about how people must open their minds to accepting more than just the typical male and female categories. ”I suggest that the three intersexes, herm,merm and ferm, deserve to be considered additional sexes each in its own right. Indeed, I would argue further that sex is a vast, infinitely malleable continuum that defies the constraints of even five categories”(Fausto-Sterling, 21). This essay talks about how some people are born with parts considered male and parts considered female. Yet these intersex people are not normally recognized and are…

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