Gender Inequality In Frye's The Politics Of Reality

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Often times people are taken back when oppression is brought up because of the weight that comes with the topic but more specifically with gender oppression. It is often believed that oppression only exists in one category at a time for example there is a oppressor and the one being oppressed. When discussing oppression the oppressor commonly rejects that the ones being oppressed are the only ones being harmed by claiming they are oppressed as well. This is illustrated in the quote by Frye in The Politics of Reality (1986) “The statement that women are oppressed is frequently met with the claim that men are oppressed too.” Quotes like these causes a lot of upset because these oppressors fail to realize their own privilege; however, the statement …show more content…
The problems of white women is not the same as the problems of women of color because they have that other social group interacting creating another level of oppression. In the work the author discusses breifly sexually objectification between men and women as if the way that sexual objectification occurs is the same for every women regardless of race, class or any other social category. Women of color experience sexual objectification different that white women. For example some races and trans women are fetishized. This gives a slight glimpse into the many ways intersectionality impacts oppression as a whole. Frye gives some talk to this specific example by discussing how women are always in the wrong no matter if they act on their sexuality or do not. They continue to discuss the implications of this will giving a nod to there being some differences in sexuality as well as other factors but that in itself is not enough. It is important to specifically discuss how some categories have more privilege in some areas than others don’t. As well as discuss these groups that have a

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