Gender Is The Most Common Identifier Our Society? Essay

1745 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
Gender is the most common Identifier our society has in order to classify people; it is the frame work that we build our personalities around for which we then use to express who we are. At the very start of a person’s life an especially today gender is assigned at first glance. This misconception that all it takes to assign an apparent label of gender by our social standards is one glimpse of the outwards body parts of the biological reproductive system (Teich, 2012). However, the complexity of gender goes way beyond the make-up of the biological system (Reed, Franks, & Scherr, 2015; Teich, 2012).
According to Stryker (2008), gender is a social construct that has set a gender binary to label and define males and females to which being Transgender (Trans*) defies. This leaves a wide margin of possibilities of gender that is not acceptable to how gender is socially established. It is a growing understanding in psychology that gender cannot fit into two very strict categories that are branded by one’s biological makeup, but instead gender is based on how a person identifies themselves which is their gender identity (Atkinson & Russell, 2015). This concept however that is met with much resistance in our society at large and that resistance has made lives of Trans- people, very hostile and intolerable.
There is a lack of knowledge and many misconceptions that feed into transphobic biases that make the everyday lives of Trans -people extremely hard to live with. Often these…

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