Gender Is Not Defined By Biology Essay

1076 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
Unlike sex, gender is not defined by biology, but by our society. Throughout our interactions with friends and family and our exposition to social media, we build our gender. Our surroundings influence our comportment. But what exactly makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl? How are two children from different sex raised differently? What differentiate young males’ and females’ education are stereotypes in clothing, the expression of their emotions and their gender roles influenced by toys.
Gender stereotypes are pre-conceived images of a person of a certain sex, carried out by an agent of socialization, like family, peers and mainly social Medias. They are repeated in our environment, so much that we perceive them as truths. An example of stereotyping is clearly shown during one of the most money making holiday in the year, Halloween. In her article for The Globe and Mail, Patricia Sozicka denounces the bias in costumes. Boys can be superheroes or choose among a large variety of career costumes, like a police officer, fireman and astronauts. On the other hand, girls have a limited choice for career costume. And the choices that they do have are overly sexualized. The difference in stereotypes is striking. Young boys are depicted as strong heroes or courageous workers. It is not considered normal for a girl to be a police officer and that is the way a female police costume contains a skirt and a low cut shirt. In everyday life, though, cops, male or females, or wearing the same…

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