Gender Inequality In A Doll's House Essay

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The author of this play, Henrik Johan Ibsen was a famous Norwegian playwright, poet and theatre director. His other notable works includes Peer Gynt, Ghosts and The Wild Duck.
A Doll’s House talks about a typical Norwegian middle-class marriage. The husband, Torvald is a bank manager while the wife, Nora is a housewife and mother of three. The story started with the conservation about money between Nora and Torvald: Nora thought it is okay to take loans to enjoy a better life but her husband disagreed. Followed by arriving of Mrs. Linde and letter from Krogstad, the couple’s conflict started to appear. Nora first asked her husband to get a job for Mrs. Linde, this issue worried Krogstad because Mrs. Linde is going to replace him. To protect
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Nora care about her husband so much that she is willing to borrow from Krogstad for the trip to south Italy to cure Torvald’s illness. She then worked secretly to pay back the debt to protect his husband’s dignity, she did not want Krogstad to have a feeling of guilty of she was the one who saved his life, and she even willing to sacrifice herself for the reputation of Torvald. This scene revealed a serious gender inequality in Norwegian society in 17th century- Nora was deep rooted with the thought of women are in the subordinate status, they have to submit to their husbands, just like nobles submit to their king. While we can know that Torvald fears of receiving benefits from a weaker character because it shows that he is incapable to bear the burden of the family, which means destroying his man’s dignity- telling everyone that he is useless. In my opinion, there is nothing to be ashamed of receiving help from your partner, a couple should work hand in hand to overcome the crises and difficulties and not to have a feeling …show more content…
A young girl is supposed to learn how to run a household well rather than going to school to gain knowledge, only that will make them look attractive and let the man fell on her. In my opinion, the quality of love is low because the love is based on man’s pride and dignity, just like what happened in the play: Torvald claimed that he loves Nora so much, however, he cannot forgive Nora’s forgery crime and did not realize she did that for his sake. Even though he told Nora that he will settle the problem and their life could back to normal, what he cares most is actually his reputation. He worries that he will be looked down by the public and therefore a useless man when the scandal revealed. Torvald tries to solve the issue from a perspective of taking care of his dignity: he needs to create a peace atmosphere in his family for the showing to people, so people will respect him and think highly on him, ultimately climb to a higher

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